AIMpromote CRM: do your leads just vanish?

crmIt’s Friday afternoon, we’re all maxed out on our busiest business day of the week! A new lead walks in. She’s picked up our leaflet, newsletter or other flyer outside on the sidewalk, and now she’s interested! Problem: we’re all flat out busy! Who can take care of her?

Aimpromote estimates that 80% of lost sales are due to simple lead neglect. In other words, the customer is biting, but there’s no one on the other end of the fishing rod to roll in the catch. In our business, I suspect we lose quite a few leads this way as we’re not open!

To solve this, we created a website and outside advertising that linked directly to our website. This way customers could go online and find our business 24-7.

lead attention 780x555Online sales are also lost this way. Why? For many reasons, including broken website that don’t display properly in a main browser; queries that are unanswered by your FAQ; lack of personal attention – there’s nowhere to answer a client question, etc.

So, to prevent this, crm software can help. AIMpromote lead management system allows you to see which open leads need attention, through theri Lead Attention Meter. With this you can easily tell which customer is needing attention. Once you know this, dealing with it is simply. The leads are coded in red, yellow or green to show their status. Additional information o nthe lead is available just by hovering your mouse over the lead.

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