No more raining on your fashion parade – stylish laptop bags for women!

By | April 24, 2007

rainebrookeThe world of computers, especially desktops and notebooks, tends to be filled with beiges, blacks and grays. We so need a drop of color.

Good fashion sense dictates that color should be a fashionable addition to any notebook! Colorful laptop bags for women provides bright and good looking alternatives to that gray bag that you got with your IBM notebook. Don’t just limit your choice to those three as Rainebrooke’s line of products includes some bright and colorful alternatives: pink, lavender, blue, red, bronze, olive green, and lime green.

I’d love to buy one for my wife (I’ll probably have to buy a sexy Sony Vaio to put in it!) but I can’t decide between the different types, Metro Lite Laptop Bags and the Tuscany Leather Laptop Bags all look great! What kind of laptop bag do you have or wish you had?

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Disclaimer: I own a really ugly gray bag with lots of pockets!

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