Online Classifeds: cutting out the expense of ‘new’!

online adsOne good way to save money is to search the online classifieds for free to see what good quality merchandise is available.

The free classified ads here offer a wide selection of items that you can purchase, including autos, jobs, real estate, and even new & used ads. offers a wider range than many, and quite a lot of depth to their items.

In addition, you can find numerous ways to slice and dice the data, by region, by category, by sub-category, and even by labels such as ‘Green’, ‘Business’ and ‘Non-Profits’. The site is pretty responsive, too.

Buying non-new items is hardly new, but there are many advantages to buying such items: rarity or scarcity value (antiques, to name but one advantage); you defray the upfront depreciation of buying ‘new’ (think cars, for one); some items have a huge 2nd-hand price advantage (older books, CDs, etc.); and the excitement factor when you discover the ‘great’ find of the decade.

There are of course some caveats that you need to remember: you don’t get a warranty; if it’s broken, you need to find out before you buy; due your due diligence on an item; if it’s valuable or expensive, try to find an estimate of its true value; and don’t be taken in by ‘antiques’!

When you go to visit the seller, ask why they are selling it, try to figure out if they are in a hurry to sell, try to gauge how much interest there is in the offer, be prepared to haggle the price, too; and, if you can’t get what you want or need at a good price, be prepared to walk away. There’s always going to be another chance to buy most things. Lastly, if it’s a second hand car or computer or similar such item, try to take a knowlegdable person with you! They can advise on the lemons you might want to avoid!

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