Adding WP_Optimal Title Plugin

With John’s recommendation, I decided to add the Optimal Title Plugin to my WP installation. I think that it should help increase the traffic from Google and other search engines.

The Plugin is simple in that it rearranges the title so that the post title appears first in the postings on the site. In theory that should result in an improvement in the search results. Well, having figured out how much traffic as a percentage I get from Google, let’s see if this will really work!…

Over the next few months, I’ll be trying different ways to generate traffic, as well. So look out for them. Other suggestions will include reducing and simplifying the number of categories, including more Technorati Tags, improving the Meta Information, and so on. This will take place gradually. In addition, I’m planning to change the theme and include a lot of changes to the presentation. Should be exciting. I’ll make the changes within a few weeks, I think.

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