VoIP Forums: Information and Service to the Vonage Community

VoIP is all the range these days, and for people who are making their money online these days. If you are interested in finding out what these tech toys can do for you, then click on over to the Vonage VoIP Forums which provide a lot of support to users and prospective users of Vonage who are investigating the service. VoIP works in quite a simple way. The devices attach to the phone unit and your broadband connection, without a PC! You can make a phone call over the Internet without turning on the PC. Voila!
IPP Phone Image
You can find lots of opinions on the forums as well. Also, the forums are full of ways to solve some quite surprising problems, like faxing over Vonage, connecting your DISH network, etc.. You can find also information on some of the newest features such as 911 Dialing, 3 way calling, Caller ID Return and Blocking, and even Telephone Number portability.

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