A new Plugin for PPP bloggers: payperpostopps from LegalAndrew.com

payperpostoppsLegalAndrews website has a very useful plugin (for Firefox only) called PayperpostOpps that enables PPP bloggers to hide opps that they don’t want to see, such as opps that are not relevant to their blog, opps that they can’t take, or opps that they don’t want (content, pricing, etc…).

I actually support this plugin for several reasons, not least of which is that it wrests control back from Payperpost about what opps you want to see. Segmentation has helped bloggers in a number of ways, but for many it has been very frustrating, too, as they can no longer take certain opps. (I know, I’m one of them). (Read more on segmentation on this blog).

But typical opps that I hide include those listed below:

In fact, this is (for me) my own form of segmentation in fact.

1. I don’t do opps that don’t fit well, even though they are in my category and pay WELL.
2. I don’t do opps that require too much (unless it fits really well).
3. I don’t do opps that pay poorly (200 words for $5). I don’t chase the more popular opps (no more multiple clicking on opps for me).
4. I resubmit opps that have problems quickly, UNLESS the problems can’t be fixed. In that case, I remove the post.
5. I don’t do opps that have websites that don’t work, look sloppy, look like scams, (and these are the ones allowed by PPP!), sell snake oil like products (you know what I mean!), or opps that would likely have a negative effect on my blog or its PR ranking (this is very open!) (I have a finance blog).
6. I no longer do opps that repeat often, even if they are from different advertisers, I can only do SO many posts about credit cards and loans.

I hope others use this plugin to help boost their own blogging efforts.

Disclaimer: This is a Payperpost blog, but this post is not sponsored by anyone!

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