Revisiting the Boards: On Segmentation

A lot of PPP’ers have had problems with segmentation‘s arrival. While it’s more than likely a good thing overall for advertisers in general, and bloggers in general. I wonder if there’s another side to segmentation, that hasn’t been explored as much. In other words, is segmentation a sword that cuts BOTH ways, for both advertisers and bloggers? For… Read More »

Advertise on PPP? Some observations of segmentation

I’ve been writing posts for Payperpost (PPP) and for some of the others. There are a number of problems with the service in my opinion, but what there is could be a gold mine for the people who know how to use PPP well. However, there are some issues that advertisers need to understand: 1. There are some… Read More »

Segmentation on PPP: For better or worse?

Well, segmentation has really taken ahold on Payperpost’s posting boards. Some posters with good Alexa ratings, PR ranks, and a good track record are doing well: Though the recent segmentation has left me a little urked. I do think that PayPerPost offers the best to advertisers and bloggers. Since the segmentation they have had a number of high… Read More »

InvestorBlogger’s MoneySpinners 2009

This is the Investorblogger’s MoneySpinners for 2009… It’s simple I will tell you where I made money in 2009 on my websites, and where I didn’t. I’ve rated the means in two ways. By Income over the year <$ = less than ten dollars $ = ten to fifty dollars $$ = fifty to two hundred dollars $$$… Read More »

What advertising works on this blog?

I’ve been updating my own advertising blocks recently with a variety of different means. I’d like to present a short summary of my impressions of what advertising works or doesn’t (this is third party advertising not advertising sold directly through my own page). Here are some notes. I’ve accorded each a status out of five points to help… Read More »

PayPerPost’s Best Practices: Best for Bloggers?

Payperpost recently celebrated its first full year as a company, and in that time things have changed a lot for them, for their bloggers and their advertisers. One recent innovation has been the introduction of lots of tools for bloggers, including the Marketplace, PPP Direct, a referral program and so on. Best Practices: Best for Bloggers? They’ve just… Read More »

PPP: managing your opps better

(ed. This posting has been extended, tweaked and edited for content since first posting.) PPP has been a blessing for me in many ways, as it has helped me save nearly $1,000 over the last six months. But there are times when I feel that logging in is perhaps the most frustrating thing that I have to deal… Read More »