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Need Video for your Blog: Turn your camera videos into FLVs for your blog, easily and quickly.

I’ve been doing video for a while, and always found it a pain to transcode videos. Why? I don’t have a Flip camera but I just use the movie mode available for the smaller cameras (my Lumix for example). Unfortunately, I’m not an Apple FanBoy, which makes dealing with those QT movies a really pain in the butt.… Read More »

Cool Stuff from Computex 2008: Video

After all the hoopla has died down, you can see some great stuff in this video that was featured on ERA News in Taiwan, including (drum roll!) Asus EBOX PC. I’ve been following this company’s products since the launch of their Asus EEE PC 700 in 2007. The breadth and innovation of the company’s products underlines the ambitions… Read More »

Isla Formosa: Five Videos from Taiwan

Life in Taipei really is different. I’ve collected four different videos to illustrate just how life is different in Taiwan. Garbage. Sort it, bag it and drag it! John Chow recently posted this video on how people throw away garbage… Can you guess what that sound is? 7-Eleven: One of the plus points! This video takes you round… Read More »

Profile: Ron Sim – Chairman of OSIM International Ltd

You can see them everywhere… They look scary… But they are popular and expensive. What are they? Massage Chairs of course. This ad is running on Taiwan’s site advertising a chair for Mother’s Day, though it is quite pricey. Since this video is not available on YouTube, I find the video is a little choppy. You can watch… Read More »

Harley Davidson Launches in Taiwan

All week on TV we’ve been treated to a Harley Davidson Ad that says “We’re coming to Taiwan”. I first came to Taiwan in 1992 and I can remember there being a special squad of police officers who rode Harley’s. They were the only guys in Taiwan who were legally allowed to ride ‘big bikes’. After Taiwan joined… Read More »

Drive in Taiwan – if you DARE!

Would you dare… if you saw this on the road? I was just chatting to some new friends who live in the same building as we do. They just came to Taiwan a few months ago, and we were comparing how we did the driving tests (esp. the written paper!). In Taiwan, if you don’t bring an international… Read More »

Credit Card Spending: What’s your first bill in 2008 like?

Today was the day that my first credit card bill landed on my doorstep with a small thud! Thankfully, for me, the thud was due to the included catalogue, NOT the size of the bill. But with the worsening economy in the US, home to the majority of my readers, the first credit card bills of 2008 couldn’t… Read More »

Sunday Newsbytes: EeePC, BlogDesk, and good food!

It’s morning time in the US, late evening in Taiwan. A Delicious Meal: Needn’t be Expensive to be Delicious We really didn’t do much today, but we had a lovely dinner last night at one of our favorite restaurants Dante’s (not the coffeeshop by that name), located on the campus of the National Taipei University of the Arts… Read More »

Stockwire.com: A myspace for investors – or just plain ol’good?

I recently registered for a Microcap website called stockwire.com with the long appellate The MySpace for the Penny Stock investor! So it’s kind of a mouthful! Registration was a real bliss. At first I thought there was going to be an annoying video ad, but the ad/commentary/registration was wonderfully simple and effective. Stockwire.com is a Penny Stock website… Read More »