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IBackup.com: essential service for your business, and inexpensive

Does your business or home business adequately back up its data? Let’s imagine a scenario where one day you go into work, and all your pcs are gone! Not only have you lost the hardware (which can be replaced at some expense, perhaps even with an insurance policy), but your data is likely gone, too. Who’s going to… Read More »

How my life insurance came in handy: AmericaDirect.com

When I first met my wife in Taipei, she was a life insurance saleswoman for Aetna Life Insurance. She naturally tried to sell me some life insurance and got me what she thought was a low term life insurance rate for my policy, as she was just learning the trade. The other possible reason for trying to sell… Read More »

Going Green: Help to make some green $$$ for a charity!

Many of us work at home kind of bloggers use Laser printers a great deal! Even though we live in the digital age, we seem to produce even more papers than ever! So those old cartridges tend to lie around my office for ages, before I can figure out what to do with them! It’s not that I’m… Read More »