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PR vs PPP: who is winning the war?

I started writing this story just before the recent updates began on August 24th or thereabouts… Some facts have since changed (eg. my PR is now ZERO again!) This is a bit of a ramble because I’m tired. But then this issue has been around for months, and never seems to subside: PPP vs. PR – Why PPP… Read More »

Well, it’s done … blog migration made easy!

I have had an old blog located at http://www.my.investorblogger.com for quite some time. In fact, that was the original blog that was posted here, but when I decided to redo this blog (and blow my PR5 ranking in the process), I moved it the subdomain. It was a move that I deeply regretted for that reason… I didn’t… Read More »

The Smart Way to check your Page Rank

Page Rank is now quite a sought after asset for your website or blog. Its importance is still hotly debated, but its economic significance for some websites is no longer disputed. A higher page rank can translate into much higher income generation for websites, through selling text links, ad sales, affiliate sales, and so on. Most webmasters used… Read More »