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Why I quit Izea, Payperpost and SocialSpark

About two and a bit years ago, I started working for a company that was called PayPerPost. In essence, it was a simple concept: get advertisers to pay bloggers for posts about products and services that interest them. Over the past two years, I blogged on a huge variety of opportunities for PayPerPost (and much less so, SocialSpark).… Read More »

Paid Blogging – Round 1: PayPerPost vs. ReviewME – Which shows you the money?

In this post, I would like to share with you my own personal experiences of writing paid posts for my blogs. I won’t go into the nittygritty details of each system, but I will try to share the positive and the negative of each system and what results (if any) I had with each of them. Be aware,… Read More »

EeeBlogger: a new focus, new writing, a new style

After years of blogging at my old address, I’ve decided that it’s time for a change. In the five months since I created the Blogging Travails sub-blog at InvestorBlogger Dot Com, I’ve come to realize that it’s been really coming on strong as a blog in its own right. Having a much more focused blog has helped me… Read More »

PR vs PPP: who is winning the war?

I started writing this story just before the recent updates began on August 24th or thereabouts… Some facts have since changed (eg. my PR is now ZERO again!) This is a bit of a ramble because I’m tired. But then this issue has been around for months, and never seems to subside: PPP vs. PR – Why PPP… Read More »

Tuesday’s News Round Up: Asus Eee PC 900, PPP, and Carnivals

In Tuesday’s News on InvestorBlogger Dot Com, as we delve into some stories of interest to me! But first… Here are some of my top stories over the past few days, do check them out! Business Start-Up Killers or How to close your business in five steps! Not your typical Costco – or is it? Saturday’s News: Payperpost… Read More »

Advertising Your Blog: My First Campaign On Payperpost

I never thought I would be running a campaign on PayPerPost. But I had already given up a free $100 advertising bonus before, without much thought. Yesterday I checked my advertiser account, and found that there was a $100 incentive to advertise on PayPerPost. So I decided to split the money into three campaigns initially. The last being… Read More »

PageRank: an intro, making money with PR, and recent controversy

Since yesterday’s post on Alexa and whether it really works , today we’re turning our attention to PageRank, though I hardly need to introduce it here. I’ve already written about it in a number of posts this past few months. You can search the archives to find out more about it… PageRank: Arbitrary but Worthy? By now, if… Read More »

RealRank: a ‘real’ alternative to PageRank?

Many of the Payperpost bloggers are now shouting about their REALRankings that went live today. In fact, I was quite pleased to get my ranking at 877 (less is better)… I’ve enclosed the edited graphic to show what it looks like in my screen.