Recent Reading: Music, Profits, and AdSense!

By | October 3, 2007

I’ve been spending a lot of time reading great posts on other blogs, so I’d like to share them with you.

Of Music and Money
If you are interested in the music scene, and if you have read mine, you’ll know that I’m interested in how the music companies are faring in the new world of social media! But recently I read this excellent (and long) article about how groups, singers and other performers are finding that they no longer need to issue records and cd through the big four record companies. Radiohead is finding a new channel for its music, both free AND paid (yes, PAID!). They join a long list that now includes Prince amongst many others.

Hands-up: Who doesn’t use Adsense anymore?
There’s also a very interesting discussion going on at ProBlogger on the value of Adsense on certain blogs. Problogger and John Chow have both removed Adsense from their blogs citing poor performance, low clickthrus, low payments, and competition from advertisers… Actually, I’ve written about Adsense as a way to send visitors away from your blog! Three out of five of my Gurus no longer use it!

Boosting your Income: Dividends, Selling, and Profits!
Some of the other things that I’ve been thinking about include Tyler noting how some companies that make cool things are able to raise their dividends, and Internet Income Guy is examining how to blog profitably, and CashQuests has some great new posts, esp. on how to sell your blog for a $1000!

That’s it!

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4 thoughts on “Recent Reading: Music, Profits, and AdSense!

  1. Kenneth Post author

    Emailed Comments by a visitor – Kevin James wrote:
    Hello Kenneth,
    I saw your post on about having a low adsense income, I just checked your Page Rank and you don’t have that much traffic on your web site. Your only a PR3, no wonder your not making any money. Money making programs like Adsense and it’s clones rely heavily on traffic, if you don’t have any, then don’t expect to get paid.

  2. Kenneth Post author

    Thank you, for your email. Unfortunately, your comments don’t really shed much light on the topic.

    Actually, PR ranking is not really related to traffic. It’s a weighting for authority, or the number of links of quality that link to your website. Traffic is not a measure of the site’s worth. So sometimes highly trafficked website will not have good PR, or indeed any PR at all.

    Also, there are legitimate concerns about Adsense advertising clicks becoming cheaper and cheaper even for well known sites; click fraud and its inverse; Google’s own metrics for Adsense and Adwords being very opaque; low quality ads appearing on much better websites, etc.. For example, when click through rates drop below 1.0% and a click generates 1c, what about all the free impressions that that ad gets? Increasingly, Adsense is not viable for many websites. There are still thousands of websites that can generate enough interest, but there are still thousands of websites for which Adsense is largely a waste of space and time.

    Thank you for visiting InvestorBlogger. Hope you found something interesting there.

  3. Kenneth Post author

    Oh, I’ve changed the Adsense to images for the top of posts. It adds a certain something visually, but I don’t expect click throughs to be any good.


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