Buzz: Spam to money – Can you turn straw to gold?


On my internet travels, I came across this rather odd product. It’s called ‘Adhancer’ from

Adhancer: Mail to Money?
Here’s what it does. Remember those 1,350 mails in your spam mail folder, well, this product takes those messages and cranks out HTML pages from each post. The making money twist is quite simple: it turns those emails into financial revenue by displaying ads from companies like Google AdSense, or Yahoo Publisher. Voila! Spam in your mailbox becomes dollars in your bank account!

sample adhanced page

To do this marvel, you will need a number of things: a website and domain name with email. It runs on Unix/Linux hosting on PHP4.3.2 with mySQL 3.x and Zend Optimizer 2 as a minimum. Cron jobs would also be helpful. To make money, you’ll need an Ad Publishing company whose code you can use in the application.

Benefits and cautions
Of course, there is the risk that you will end up creating junk pages or worse ‘spam’ pages that will get you booted off the ad program you are using. Some ad vendors take spam and junk seriously. You could find your website blacklisted, your earnings gone…

However, the application could work with those newsletters and other emails that you get, a lot of stuff that you consider ‘quasi-spam’ because you can’t remember how to get off the mailing list, or even when you subscribed.


You know the stuff, you usually hit ‘spam’ when it comes in, but you remember you subscribed to it at some time. That would be a much better way to use the mails rather than let the mails sit in your spambox. And the Ad vendor wouldn’t likely consider them spam, as they are legitimate emails, newsletters, and so on. My Yahoo! mailbox is likely filled with a lot of good content for that kind of website.

What’s more interesting, though, is that almost any email could be turned into a website page this way… letters to friends, mailing lists, etc., there really is no limit. Check out the demo.

There is only one problem: the price $39.95 PER Domain. Without a discernible income source, it might be difficult to justify ponying up the initial investment. Unless you have a sure fire way. You interested to try, let me know!

Disclaimer: none, I just found this on the Internet. Thought it was interesting.