Blog Design Update: Baby steps…

Thanks to Michael Kwan’s review, I was able to get some excellent feedback on my overall layout of the blog, to which I’ve already left some comments!

I’d like to check back every so often, to detail my progress. He suggested the following points:

* Lose the Related Posts on the index page…. Gone.

* Too many categories… I am slowly merging and moving categories. I think I’ll target to just have 10-12 categories. 8 categories gone…

* Category names aren’t very descriptive. Merged, and added some extra text…

* The sidebar feels too busy for me. I’ve redone the blogroll, but I’m not done. It’s still a little busy. Gone is the ‘pages’ section, the links are tidied up, BlogRush also is gone. Also some of the featured links are moved around. Additional things gone, include several pages like ‘directory’ with links moved to the Blogroll, and Kiva is gone … there was so little interest in I couldn’t believe it. Gone.

* Lack of graphics. I realize that it’s an investment blog, but a few images here and there would really break up that huge body of text. … Yes, good idea. It’s actually one of the aspects I raised when doing reviews. I usually do post some pictures, but I think I need more visual aspects. Duly noted.

* Change the byline … changed.

* Hard to tell where one post ends and another begins. …I added Google Ads like before, but none of them are images, so it’s a little text heavy again.

How am I doing? Do let me know! How have you improved your blog lately? What kind of things do you change regularly?