Why Car Dealership Sellers Should Use a Professional Brokerage Company

Why would you be turning to an experienced car dealership brokerage service to help sell your car lots? Simple, professionals can make sure you have the national exposure needed to find the perfect buyer for yours in a speedy manner. A brokerage service can also keep the sale confidential, if their client requires it. Working with a company… Read More »

1998 Done: Watchful Waiting might be the best strategy!

Looking back on my history of stock buys is proving enlightening. In the first year, I bought five stocks, and had losses with two. Each of the losses was quite minor so I reckon I actually made some money in 1998. Well, except that 1998 isn’t done yet. Hah! Four days before Christmas I bought three more stocks.… Read More »

1998: The Year I Fell in Love With … Dell

… Tech Stocks. And how it almost worked out! With the recent updates on my first year, I managed to earn a paltry 20.4% return on my first four stock picks. Not bad. But then nothing to crow about … would you if you missed out on this return? In this article, you will learn about: my stock… Read More »

The Latest Stock Market Plunge: August 2015 down 10%

Did the stock market plunge again? Are your positions wiped out or are you relishing the opportunity to find new entry points?

Money Saving Tips Businesses Can Use to Cut Shipping Costs

I was wondering whether or not to start shipping coffee beans from a really good coffee roaster that I know. I haven’t worked out the shipping costs yet, so when this guest post cam through, I read it eagerly for advice.

Why are you building someone else’s Web 2.0 wealth?

There are many community based sites on the Web2.0… and many of them are private companies, not foundations. While many of them claim to have altruistic motives, sometimes the motivation of money can be much stronger than the notion of building a unique service that helps humanity. For most users, that’s fine because they don’t really worry about such… Read More »

Corporate Philanthropy: The New Arms Race?

These days, corporate philanthropy is becoming a big business in itself as donors and donations grab massive headlines. In fact, it could be claimed that donors are engaged: Corporate Philanthropy: The New Arms Race “The man who dies thus rich dies disgraced” – Andrew Carnegie While some business leaders are directed down a path to earn as much money… Read More »

Where’s there’s Muck, there’s Brass: a Bright Future for Easi Recycling

Societies have been recycling since time began in a bid to improve their environment. Nowadays, many entrepreneurs have taken on the duty by establishing their own enterprises. If you look at companies, like Waste Management, you’ll see how profitable it can be if it’s done well. Range of Recycling Equipment Recycling equipment such as waste balers and compressors… Read More »

Five Basic Investment Mistakes to Avoid in 2015 so you’ll be on your way to making money in 2015!

After all, investing is a tricky and uncertain affair if you’ve never bought stocks or shares before; so here are five basic investment mistakes you can easily avoid…