Should you ‘loose $40’ on MULN? Nope!

This is a speculative play on a company with currently no profits, no earnings information (according to my broker), and (it appears) an attempt to reverse split for purposes that are undetermined. Investopedia suggests a few…
What Are the Listing Requirements for the NASDAQ? (

“After a company gets listed on the market, it must maintain certain standards to continue trading. Failure to meet the specifications set out by the stock exchange will result in its delisting. Falling below the minimum required share price or market capitalization is one of the major factors triggering a delisting.”

In short, essentially no volume. If you buy it, you’ll be stuck with it until it expires and you get assigned. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to close the option before expiry. On a penny stock, you’re essentially buying a *minimum* loss of nearly 8c per share up front.

Otherwise… why? It’s a declining investment, with a company that is running out of cash, likely to dilute existing shareholders value even more with further debt sales, no product, no revenue and a massively negative EPS.

You’re also using your buying power instead of buying something with value, and you’re tying up your buying power until January. It makes no sense as presented.

From $968 high to $0.3031, likelihood of being delisted, and only 12 months of cash on the books. It has ZERO revenue, and has had ZERO revenue for at least 3 years. In fact, do you think this stock is junk or not? Share with me!

I’m not a financial analyst, nor do I play one on TV, so these are my opinions only. Do your own fricking research, make your own decisions! If you can’t, don’t copy mine!