Choose a Credit Repair Company Carefully: Three Important Questions to Ask Yourself

When a person is in debt or facing mounting financial problems, it is tempting to turn to Google and sign up for the first credit repair company that pops out of the search box. But you should ask yourself three basic questions before you sign up, because there are a lot of unscrupulous vendors who are happy to… Read More »

3 Quick Business Building Strategies for Your Business: Double Down on Your Commitment

Although the world of business building can seem complex, it isn’t really. Those who attain success tend to find business building strategies that work for their companies and then consistently implement them.

Credit Saint or Credit Sinner? Review of Credit Services Site

I’ve been asked to review another Credit Services website, this one is called Credit Saint ( and aims to provide a range of credit history repair services, using these words “It means we have the power to offer more service for less money. Combining credit restoration and correction with debt settlement and our latest offerings “mortgage rewards, and… Read More »

Buzz: Website Grader – Grade your website and evaluate your SEO!

Website Grader blends over 50 different variables, including search engine data, website structure, approximate traffic, site performance, and others, to evaluate the quality of a website, provide comparable data for other sites, and tips on how to improve yours. I was intrigued so I decided to run a number of websites through the grading and came up with… Read More »

Easy Tips for Reading Financials: Introduction

When you are looking to invest, reading financials of a company gives you the blueprint. They can tell you what you need to know to make a solid investment decision. However, it can be tricky to figure these reports out. Here is a guide to help you as you begin to look over financial statements. The Basics To… Read More »

Trash Compactor Tips: How to Buy a Compactor or Baler for Your Small Business

In our business, one of our waste outputs is paper and cardboard from our handouts, from used writing books, etc.. It’s amazing how much we generate each week, and it’s bulky but not particularly heavy, so storage is a real problem. If I didn’t have a decent waste collection service, storage would quickly become a problem, and a… Read More »

Hack Sitesell Sites: Five Tips on How to Gain a Competitive Insight on any SBI Website.

How to Discover Almost Any SBI-site’s Secrets, otherwise known as how to hack a Sitesell site (not that anyone cares anymore!). I’ll assume that you have a website set up (any one), and that you have your eyes on a keyword or niche already. If not, then perhaps you already know an SBI site… They’re easy to find, once you know what patterns to use.

Hire a Hawaii CPA: Keep Your Company Accounts in Order with Professional Services

Your business excites you (but finding a Hawaii CPA does not!), but there is a huge buzzkill that saps your time, your money and your energy. Know what it is?…

Better Investing Money Strategies for the Muddle Through Years? Solutions…

Last month, I took part in an interview with SuperMoney. They asked me lots of juicy questions about investing money strategies, so if you’d like to find out what they asked, head on over to their blog at Personal Finance @ where you’ll find the article: Better Investing & Money Strategies.   Kenneth Dickson is a blogger/writer… Read More »