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Get in on the "next” Wave: Would you like a ‘free invite’ to Google Wave?

Google Wave is a new phenomenon from Google that aims to supplement other modes of synchronous/non-synchronous discussion such as chat or forums. This is what Wikipedia says: “Google Wave is designed as a new Internet communications platform. It is written in Java using OpenJDK and its web interface uses the Google Web Toolkit. Google Wave works like previous… Read More »

Buying a site: Some tips on assessing its fundamental value

I was discussing buying a site tips on one of the SiteBuildIt boards, when I came across this posting "Should You Buy an Established Website?" by Zac Johnson. It’s a good read, and he provides some good tips. Go here to read it, but do come back! Over the years I’ve had my fair share of web site… Read More »

The final straw: tired of Adsense Ads

I’m tired of seeing adsense ads like this one… from TruthAboutAbs. Why? Because not only do I not care about Abs, I don’t know where they are (are they fitted in my car under the seat or under the steering wheel?)… I see the ads on the most inappropriate websites next to the most inappropriate stories. So today… Read More »

Talking about In his gloomiest prediction yet, Marc Faber sees big financial bust leading to war – Business Intelligence

In his gloomiest prediction yet, Marc Faber sees big financial bust leading to war – Business Intelligence Speaking at a conference in Singapore on Wednesday, Faber said: "The crisis has not solved anything. On the contrary there is less transparency today than there was before. The government’s balance sheet is expanding, and the abuses that have led to… Read More »

Easy way to get some backlinks on Web 2.0 sites

This article offers some suggestions on how to get a bunch of links quickly. I haven’t tried, though I’ve looked at similar offerings in the past. Enjoy Blogging is fun, you enjoy every minute of it. But there are some aspects you would really like to avoid, and yet they are a vital part of your strategy, like… Read More »

Dosh Dosh | Internet Marketing & Social Media

6 Fool-Proof Steps to Make More Money With Your WebsiteDosh Dosh Every website has a bunch of web pages which get more search traffic than others. These pages are constantly visited daily by new visitors, people who have never seen the site in question before. I call these ‘money pages’ because they are a reliable source of immediate… Read More »

Windows 7 Launches October 2009

Will you be upgrading or buying it on a new system? I already decided that one!

Getting Started with SiteBuildIt’s Halloween Deal until October 31st, 2009!

If you are working at home, this is a great deal.Typically, each SiteBuildIt account is $299.00, so to get one extra account for $100.00 is a spectacular deal. I’ve already bought a couple of accounts and am busy researching my own markets. There’s a great community of support, very helpful materials, and (if you like a challenge) a… Read More »

Google Makes NO Bloody Sense

I just don’t get Google’s thinking: First they tell you ‘use nofollow’ then they discount thousands of links for any of a hundred reasons even when they are legitimate votes. It seems that they are really trying to count only the votes they want to count, and not a single one more. The trouble is: their definitions vary… Read More »