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Google Makes NO Bloody Sense

I just don’t get Google’s thinking: First they tell you ‘use nofollow’ then they discount thousands of links for any of a hundred reasons even when they are legitimate votes. It seems that they are really trying to count only the votes they want to count, and not a single one more. The trouble is: their definitions vary… Read More »

Geocities, what ever happened, my friend?

There are many webmasters, site hosts, and IM affiliates who started their first sites on Geocities. For those who came later, Geocities was AS popular in the late 90’s as FaceBook is now! And for many of us, it’s where we cut our teeth with our garish late 90’s site design, HTML and guestbooks! I mean: who uses… Read More »

Tienmou Saturday Arts & Crafts Market

One of the stalls at the Saturday Market in Tienmou. It’s pretty hot in the afternoon, but things get a little livelier near dusk and in the early part of the evenings. There are two parts to the market: a general arts and crafts stall with lots of ‘artisans’ selling homemade cakes, products, and planters; then there’s the… Read More »

Blast from the past: The missing files…!

After doing the volte-face about WPMU, I remerged the entire blogs I had set up back into this one. However, for some weird reason a number of critical posts went missing. I still have no idea why. And I nearly lost some great posts for ever when I removed the Database, too. Still all was saved by Dreamhost… Read More »