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ABCs of Promoting your business, website or charity: Don’t forget the BIG PICTURE!

After doing a promotion this summer, I was having a chat with a friend about the value of doing promotional activities for your business or charity organization. While I don’t recall the exact content of the discussion, it was quite a while ago, it emerged that many organizations actually want to quantify the value of such activities in… Read More »

Monetizing Makeover: Making Money in the NoFollow Era

This post has been edited since it was first published (by mistake!) For many bloggers, making money was easy: write a not-infrequent blog, add links from a company selling links, ads from Adsense, and sponsored posts from any of a dozen companies or more. Bang! After a few months, you could earn a couple hundred dollars a month.… Read More »

Adsense: Would the real clicks please stand up?

It’s Friday again, thank goodness…! So what’s in this round up? Adsense: Big White Elephand First, Adsense again. I’ve blogged on using Adsense on a number of occasions in the past year: Why it is a waste of time; canceling your account; and being banned from Adsense. What I didn’t know was how much a waste of time… Read More »

Affiliates Income: Real Dollars, Real Sense

Affiliates: Old and New Steve, of fame, was telling me a couple of weeks ago that he was becoming much more interested in Affiliate Marketing and Blogging. He’s not quite ready to set up any blogs, but we’re going to be talking about Affliate Programs a lot more together and on InvestorBlogger. Personally speaking, I’ve had an… Read More »

November’s Income on InvestorBlogger

With November safely out of the way, it’s time to post my results in the last 30 days. Let’s deal with traffic first, then money. But first, … ——- For more interesting articles on running a business, making money, operating your blog, , and so on…, subscribe to the RSS feed or email newsletter. There’s a lot more… Read More »

BlogAds Program, and TTZMedia: Three New Ways To Make Money

I’ve been exploring three or four new ways to make money, you’ve probably noticed them on the blog, in addition to the more typical ways. TTZ Media: Nice pictures, needs work. I’ve recently added some rather nice graphical ads courtesy of TTZ Media, that feature all sorts of goodies. I added them primarily as a way to add… Read More »

Adsense: How to cancel your account, and get your money back…

Many bloggers are so disillusioned with the changes in PR ranking and the changes in Adsense. To recap briefly, Google has felled many kinds of blogs PR rankings and Adsense changes are meaning that (in the short term) income is likely to go down even further. Many bloggers are now planning a boycott of Google, including me. The… Read More »

Learning from your mistakes… Charting a new course (part 2).

In September, I posted part 1 of our Odyssey in turning around our business and the context in which we found ourselves. Before we started to turn our ship around, we all began to recognize that we were facing problems late last summer. Oddly, it was all presaged by a slight jump in enrollments that emboldened us to… Read More »