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My recent promotion has brought forth some wonderful sites to buzz. The latest is is a wonderful site with a tremendous amount of potential, really. Elizabeth’s focus on providing books, products and other essential items for busy Moms. Elizabeth’s working hard on creating a comfortable environment for her readers, with lighter, gentler colors. I’d like to see some more pictures of typical reader-types, to help make the blog feel human and personal. I think that’d increase her stickiness. It’s also something I’m trying to do here, too.

In fact, Elizabeth’s also as good as her word. I just checked the status of visitors to this blog from since last Saturday, she’s given me more than a 18 hits to this website! Thanks, Elizabeth! I’ll be asking her to check back regularly and tell us how her websites are doing!

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2 thoughts on “Buzz: – essential for busy mothers

  1. Elizabeth

    Thank you so much for your kind words! I appreciate your suggestion of using more photos, which I will start doing. In fact, I’m sure the PR firm that sends me products to review would love to see photos of my kids using their products!

  2. kennethdickson Post author

    Actually, I think the PR firm would go nuts over that idea! It would be a great way to market their products! Wonderful idea! Try it and see. Let me hear how it goes!


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