12 ideas for generating traffic for your website!

By | February 15, 2007

Many websites have trouble generating significant traffic. I have some ideas that you can do….

1. email your friends with an introduction to your website! A quality website will be worth visiting! (easy)
2. a blog can certainly attract traffic, too. (takes time)
3. find some good quality directories.
4. make sure your site is indexed in Google, Yahoo, DMOZ, too. (easy to check/add and free).
5. put your URL in your signature for emails, forums, and other places where you login (easy, free and simple).
6. post notes in other blogs with info. about your website, but DON’T spam!
7. For a blog, join http://www.blogsoldiers.com and http://www.blogmad.net: both of these drive traffic, I have noted.
8. make sure your website has a ‘sitemap’ (may not be difficult)
9. check your website’s Meta file for appropriate keywords (fairly quick, usually).
10. join other people’s blogs, and post relevant posts to their blog, with links to yours. Make sure it’s okay with the blog owner, though!
11. try adwords or text links to generate additional traffic (text links might be more effective)

and number 12 is

12. keep your content fresh and exciting, word of mouth still works on the Internet, but now it’s called Viral Marketing.

Happy Chinese New Year 2007!

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5 thoughts on “12 ideas for generating traffic for your website!

  1. kennethdickson Post author

    Are these blog directories? I thought they were traffic generators… their MO is somewhat different from a typical blog directory. I found that my blog isn’t included in their directory, but it does rotate in their surfbar. I tried a bunch of them over the past year, but these two really do drive traffic. Most of the others don’t. I tried http://www.blogexplosion.com and http://www.blogadvance.com, too. Neither is effective.

    Anyway, foot in mouth is a typical posture for Sagittarius. LOL

  2. Rose

    Blog Explosion and Blog Advance are directories and portals. Users earn credits by surfing blogs. I found that both were not very effective.

    I was referring to number 3 where you said, “find some good quality directories.”

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