Better Investing & Money Strategies for the Muddle Through Years? Solutions…

Last month, I took part in an interview with SuperMoney. They asked me lots of juicy questions, so if you’d like to find out what they asked, head on over to their blog at Personal Finance @ where you’ll find the article: Better Investing & Money Strategies.   Kenneth Dickson is a blogger/writer and has written about investing, entrepreneurship and personal finance for the last eight years at… Read More »

How Anyone Can Create Multiple Steams Of Income

The future isn’t always easy to predict. Companies, and even entire industries, that were once thriving have crumpled in a matter of years. Markets can change and investments that seem sound can fall through. Because of this, you should try to provide yourself & your family with as much security as possible. Creating multiple streams of income can ensure that you will always have cash flowing in. When you have… Read More »

Yard Sale Tips for New Homeowners

Buying a house is exciting, but excited new homeowners can quickly become cluttered and overwhelmed as they buy furniture and decor. The limited storage spaces fill up and the family quickly realizes a problem: they do not have as much space as they thought. Throwing stuff in the garbage or storing it in an off-site locker is an expensive, and not very earth-friendly, solution. Instead, why not host your very first yard sale! You… Read More »

Why Car Dealership Sellers Should Use a Professional Brokerage Company

There are many reasons why people are turning to an experienced brokerage service to help them sell their car lots. Professionals can make sure you have the national exposure needed to find the perfect buyer for yours in a speedy manner. A brokerage service can also keep the sale confidential, if their client requires it. Working with a company that can negotiate well on your behalf and that has earned… Read More »

1998 Done: Watchful Waiting might be the best strategy!

Looking back on my history of stock buys is proving enlightening. In the first year, I bought five stocks, and had losses with two. Each of the losses was quite minor so I reckon I actually made some money in 1998. Well, except that 1998 isn’t done yet. Hah! Four days before Christmas I bought three more stocks. International Paper, Caterpillar and Athome. So let’s look at all three. Excite@Home… Read More »