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Additional (overlooked) Tips on Internet Security

By | July 20, 2014

Recently two of my accounts were hacked from Turkey while I was asleep. I’m not sure exactly what was looked at, what was copied without my knowledge, or what additional damage there was. Ever since then I’ve become a tad paranoid about online security, Edward Snowden’s revelations notwithstanding. But there are a couple of steps that I’ve taken since then to increase security; and make certain kinds of hacking more… Read More »

Do business or study business? Why an MBA could help you!

By | June 29, 2014

A master’s in business administration provides many opportunities for recent graduates to find lucrative careers in a wide range of industries. Business administration is a college major that prepares students for jobs in the private sector and public sector. It is one of the top-rated, marketable degrees that employers want most. Many employers are searching for people who qualify for different positions and can handle diverse job duties. The skills… Read More »

The Virgin’s Lessons in Buying Stocks like it’s 1998 – 5 Lessons You Need to Know

By | June 5, 2014

So what did we learn? Doing this post, I’m afraid I’m just going to use Excel screenshots, rather than copying & pasting all those numbers. There really is too much room for errors! Lesson #1 Picking a basket of reasonable stocks is a sound idea, esp. if you are picking from a quality grouping. It doesn’t protect you from the inevitable fall from grace that occurs from time to time;… Read More »

Where does THAT entrepreneurial spirit come from? How does it affect you?

By | June 1, 2014

Entrepreneurship is a rewarding pursuit. It is vaunted by many as the height of accomplishment. Choosing successful investments and guiding projects with potential into their own as full-fledged businesses is a fantastic challenge that can pay big dividends. However, there are high barriers to entry. You need at least a little money to start, and you need to know what you’re doing and who to talk to. Whether or not… Read More »

1998: My First Year in Stocks: Batch 1

By | May 31, 2014

1998 was my first time to buy real stocks, and how exciting it was! I’d tune into CNBC Power Lunch night after night, read up on the latest theories, visit MotleyFool, and read quite a few tomes, cover to cover. Now, I thought, who’d want to do any ‘paper trading’ when you can buy the real things? Mmm, well … the whole point of this series of posts is to… Read More »