Not just poor timing!

You may wish to re-examine your selling strategy if you didn’t expect the shares to be called away. What is your plan B when that happens? Well, if you’re long COIN, one sensible strategy is the wheel with a good price point. So start selling CSPs. March 24th CSPs at $45 are selling at an attractive 1+%. Earn while you’re waiting. Bitcoin is so volatile that you may well hit the price point anyway.

I wouldn’t be purchasing COIN contracts: For me, it fails on a number of important points. #1 the company isn’t profitable; #2 bitcoin is ATM a limited scenario currency; and #3 it doesn’t meet my pf limits *(yet)* ie. a position in COIN is almost double my position limit. So … that’s my analysis.

One of the points that annoys me in my own ownership of stocks is the idea that I have to hold on to shares, except when they peak. I guess it’s FOMO. Well, congratulations you made money… you didn’t sell at a loss. Either way, time to move on!