Your blog: just how does it really look?

When we are working on our blogs, we tend to focus on a very narrow range of browsers , because these browser are likely the ones that we found installed on our computers when we bought them:

IE6.0 or 7.0 on windows machines; Konqueror on Linux; and Safari on Mac….

But what about the visitors who use different browsers on different machines? What happens to them?

test your web

If my stats are anything to go by, visitors come from a variety of browsers , and about 4.5% of my own visitors come from outside the top 2 browsers. That’s a fairly large community of users.


Perhaps you can try out this service called BrowserShots. It’s not a particularly quick service as once submitted, your website is put in a queue. I’m still waiting for mine to be processed.

But, after nearly 50 minutes the shots came back and here is what the page looks like for the selected browsers:

requested screenshots

I chose one image for you to look at showing this blog below, but in fact you can click download all options for you to compare yourself. This is the image of my blog in Safari on a 2000 system. It looks okay, right.

safari image

It didn’t load so well on Konqueror or on IE5.01 (not surprisingly). On Konqueror, the problem lay in some missing plugins.

But the purpose of this website is to allow users to see how their blog would look on machines, systems and browsers that they themselves may not have. While the range isn’t comprehensive, most of the general browsers are there that are currently used and a few older ones, too.

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