Writely is now available…

Google has now let people with gmail accounts log in! It’s good news, I’m already experimenting with the files, and trying some simpler stuff! It’s kind of powerful, and somewhat easier to use than some of the other offerings that are currently available online.

I’ve included a screenshot to show stuff I’m working on, but I think that you will enjoy this tool very much. It’s a great way to work online when your documents are scattered in several places.

Writely Looking

You’ll notice the friendly buttons, the blog posting link (very useful), so you can convert pages to post on your blog easily and quickly. It also has a collaboration tool, which I’m going to experiment with in the next few months, as I work on my online Journal.

But lastly, one feature that caught my eye was the HTML feature. Interesting, I thought, especially if this tool could help prepare HTML pages for you. In effect, it would be a great tool as a kind of simplified WYSIWYG HTML editor. Nice, Google. Combined with Spreadsheets…

You can see where this is going… (To the tune: Candle In The Wind)
Goodbye Microsoft,
Though I used Office for many years,
I never really loved the price tag,
And the product lock-in truly sucked.

And it seemed to me you made your money
Like a bandit in the bank,
Never knowing what was coming,
When Google came along,
And I would have like a cheaper version,
But you canned them long ago,
In favor of screwing your customer
Just one more time!