WPThemeShop: Special Offer for Summer!

If you are a user of any of Sadish’s themes, WP-MistyLook being one of them, you’ll be excited to know that he is offering a special summer sale right now but I think you have to be a member of his mailing lists! So join up today!

This is Sadish Bala, wordpress theme creator.

You subscribe to this list as you are interested in getting my NigaRila theme http://nigarila.com

As a few of you might have noticed, I opened up a new shop at http://wpthemeshop.com where I sell NigaRila along with other themes.

I am here to give you a special offer.

Just buy and download NigaRila from http://wpthemeshop.com and I would give one other theme from that website for free. Just send an email mentioning the name of the other theme you want for free.

Hope you will make use of this offer.


Whether or not you buy anything today, do visit his website and blog about his great themes, both commercial and free! This is my way to say thank you to him!

Best Wishes