Word Count Stats v0.41

Word Count Stats is a very simple plugin for your blog. Its function is simply to count the total number of words posted in your blog. That’s it. Nothing fancy. The program installs and produces an extra tab on the ‘dashboard’ area. Once installed, you need to create a new post BEFORE you look at the stats it produces. (I forgot this, and it produced a bunch of errors!). The stats for my blog look something like this:

+ 40,751 total published words from 216 posts
+ 2,499 total unpublished words from 40 posts
= 43,250 total all words from 256 posts
= 168 average words per post
49 (19.1406%) posts contain 300+ words
Max words for a single post: 835 words Good Articles: How To Earn Money From Your Web Site Or Blog on 2006-12-10 19:59:58

and it produces stats per month like this:

200608 – 13 posts 3,456 words
200611 – 9 posts 1,486 words
200609 – 29 posts 5,524 words
200610 – 2 posts 157 words
200612 – 60 posts 10,563 words
200701 – 74 posts 14,069 words
200702 – 28 posts 5,469 words
200703 – 1 posts 27 words

216 total published posts
40,751 total published words

so, for those of you who want to know how many words you have typed at the keyboard of your own blog, this is the ideal plugin! The current version is noted here:

v0.41 released Feb 5, 2007 5:46pm PST: TD Word Count v0.41 [.zip].

Just one suggestion for the developer: is there any way to make the stats viewable by visitors to our blogs? Oh, and a big thank you. It’s a great plugin.