We’re Back… and it was easy this time!

Thanks for your patience as I updated my blog. php-version The problem I was experiencing was that my plugins page wouldn’t load. I checked through the Domains to see which version of PHP I was using. Dreamhost had updated to version 5.2.1 and obviously something in WP at least in the plugins I had installed was quite incompatible with 5.2.1.

Fortunately, Dreamhost has the feature that allows you to choose, (yes choose) which version of PHP you can use. I switched back to version 4.4.2 and within 5 minutes, my pages were all loading properly again.

Anyway, I was already doing a couple of WP upgrades on minor sites with little traffic through their One-Click Installs on Dreamhost, when I noticed that the upgrade process was actually much smoother than before. Before they backed everything upto domain.com.old then erased the old directory.

When the new install was up and running, you used to have to copy all your old themes and everything in the /wp-content. Now, it’s all done for you! Much easier. Much faster. And you’re much less likely t o forget something!

Neat! So I backed up my Database and emailed it to myself, then proceeded with the upgrade. When I was one-click-install done, my theme and everything, plugins, and almost all of the tweaks were still there: widgets, theme tweaks, pictures, uploads, everything. I only had to re-enter some javascripts on the theme I use, and I was done.

That was an upgrade I was dreading, but it was so EASY. Gosh, thanks, Dreamhost!

Disclaimer: I am after all a Dreamhost customer.

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