Video: My first JumpCut Movie

It’s very frustrating working with camera movies… I have to convert the movie from QT format to work with my tools, then I have to convert the result to Flash format to post it anywhere. Worse, often the tools I have fail to do the work properly leaving me scratching around wondering what I did wrong, and why I bother.

Enter JumpCut. This website property is akin to Windows MovieMaker in many ways with a little less power. But for me the great advantage is I can upload my camera movies in QT format without any problems, edit the content, then post the result on my blog when it is published.

Here’s my first effort: The Rain In Taipei… It doesn’t stay on the plain at all! It seems a little jerky right now, I’m not sure why. It played fine when I uploaded it.

Give JumpCut a try. Login via your Yahoo! ID and password, upload via their upload tool and see what you can create today!