Trying Out GoogleApps: an adventure in working with Google Office… NOT Quite!


Yes, today, we’re testing out Google Apps.. Originally, Google Apps started out with just a few additional programs or services, such as the Webpage, then creating webpages, then offered us a viable way to integrate them into our website.

Well, I tried it out for 24 hours, and it was quite impressive. Then I set up a domain as instructed. And logged out of my account. This is when I found that I could NOT log back in, no matter what I tried. I thought the service was tied to my Google Account. But no luck! And the password was restricted.

I tried the accounts that I knew about… Very frustrating. I’m normally VERY careful about stuff like that! But it seems there is a glitch in the system somewhere. I don’t know what happened.

Suggestion to Google: make sure that applicants get their new email addresses at least somewhere retyped so that they don’t forget. There is no way to retrieve such information at the moment!

Update: I remember what the email address is thankfully… but… it wasn’t an easy process.