Traffic, PR, Technorati, and more… How is InvestorBlogger Dot Com doing?

Traffic to the blog was anemic in February dropping to less than 1000 Uniques and 1210 PageViews but this recovered nicely in March when the PayPerPost advertising kicked in, and visitors from Google reached 33% of total traffic (thanks, Mr. G!). I’m wondering if this has to do with my PR being mysteriously returned. And, no, I didn’t apply for reinclusion… It’s not something I’m particularly interested in doing right now, though perhaps I’m being short-sighted.

March traffic is highlighted with February below.

Google Analytics Data

1,870 Visits

Previous: 1,210 (+54.55%)

1,520 Absolute Unique Visitors

Previous: 780 (+94.87%)

3,013 Pageviews

Previous: 2,230 (+35.11%)

1.61 Average Pageviews

Previous: 1.84 (-12.57%)

00:02:07 Time on Site

Previous: 00:03:08 (-32.45%)


This month my RealRank data from November was lost entirely when my blog was unceremoniously removed from PayPerPost. Woops! Still, I have recovered and seen my rank rise to the 800’s. This is still way off my earlier rankings, but that’s likely because of the sheer number of sites in the RealRank system now.
I must confess that I’m having REAL doubts about the accuracy of the rest of the data especially when compared to analytics esp. over the last few days. RealRank suggest I had less than a dozen visitors in three days, where Analytics has over more than ten times that number. I’m beginning to think that REALRanks is still very Alpha. Use with caution. There are other niggles with this website software, too.


My Technorati ranking has been on a tear of late… We’ve soared through 30K and 200 Authority is just upon me.
This has been helped by a number of tools, including BlogCarnival, linking from blogs, Payperpost campaigns, and much more… I’ve still a long way to go though before reaching 10K, about 250 more links, I think.


And finally, Alexa… What the heck’s going on here? My traffic is rising nicely, but so is my Alexa. It should be falling.

alexa reach

Well a mixed bag pretty much. Overall, there are signs of significant growth over last February~March, but with each metric being somewhat problematic, figuring out my blog’s current status is akin to a jigsaw puzzle.
What other metrics do you use to estimate your traffic? Let me know how you are doing.

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