Toys for the boys: WordPress 2.6, firefox 3 and livewriter

I’ve got three great new toys that I’m playing with… in no particular order, they are …

Windows LiveWriter

This is a wonderful plugin able blogger companion. It allows you to create, edit and upload posts with all the modern paraphernalia that go with blogging. The only downside I can see is that it REQUIRES XP SP2 and above, and will not run on older computers. Which is a pity. I tend NOT to upgrade unnecessarily.

LiveWriter: image of the interface.

livewriter image

In fact, I’m writing this post in LiveWriter at the moment. And it is so much easier to use than most other blogging companions, and much more powerful than Flock’s inbuilt blogger application.

WordPress 2.6

Yes, despite my prognostications about upgrading, I did decide to try the install (after taking the usual precautions) on Obblogatory. Here are some screenshots, I’ve only used it a little but some personal notes:

  • 1. It upgraded easily, and quickly;
  • 2. It seems a lot faster than I remember;
  • 3. Finally I can delete unused plugins!

plugins image

This image highlights the active vs. inactive plugins list… much neater… and you can delete them just there, too!

Oh, what was that third toy!?

FireFox 3.0

Nearly forgot Firefox 3.0.1 but isn’t that old hat now? Seems like just last week I was downloading that tool.


This is definitely an improvement over version 2.0.14, really. Lots of things seem slicker, faster and easier to use. I know it’s a bit bigger than FF2.0 but I found the browser faster to display my sites, easier to manage bookmarks and (despite niggles with some plugins) generally a better more stable browser.

Now, isn’t that how all tech products should be? Making life easier, more reliable and simpler!… What do you think?

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