Tools for Making Money With Your Blog

I’ve been working the past few days on a page that provides access to some tools, books and more for readers who would like to get started blogging or who would like to take their blogging to the next level. Feel free to click on the links in this post and explore some of the products that you find here. I’ll be happy to take suggestions to additional products and downloads (free or otherwise) that you have tried.

Step 1: Getting Started – Basic Reading

Blogging To The Bank – This is a popular book that provides a system for encouraging bloggers and webmasters to earn. Spending the money on this book could save months of frustration and failure as Rob Benwell takes you through his insiders method for bloggers that helped him to earn up to $34K per month! Why wait? Order “Blogging to the Bank” now.

Blogging for Dummies What is blogging? The perfect companion to WordPress for Dummies or those thinking of using another platform. Though more generic it covers much of the same ground but with a platform neutral view. Order “Blogging for Dummies” now.

Step 2: Finding good webhosting

There are thousands of hosts on the web nowadays. Some good, some not. If you don’t have a host already checked out, you can look at these two companies.

Dreamhost Hosting – This is the first company I used and the deal is a great deal. To run your blog, this company offers two types of setup: easy and advanced. Truthfully, advanced isn’t much more complicated than easy mode. But there are a lot of advantages: FTP access, generous bandwidth, lots of great features, … Order Your Dreamhost Plan now.

BlueHost – is a suitable alternative and offers a lot of power, space and flexibility for the blogger. You get 1,500GB of space, 15,000 GB/mo of bandwidth, simple install of WordPress, FTP access, and a bunch of other great features that you can use as well. Order Your BlueHost Plan now.

Step 3: Installing WordPress

WordPress for Dummies This book introduces the WordPress platform as a basis for blogging. It will take you through choosing a webhost, setting up a domain and install, personalizing your format, theme, writing and plugins, and much more. It’s the perfect companion to WordPress that I wish I’d had when I started InvestorBlogger three years ago. Order “WordPress for Dummies” now. provides a free download that you need to decompress, and upload to your FTP server in the main folder of your URL, like “” or wherever you decide to place the blog. Download Your WordPress now.

Step 4: Start blogging

Learning the craft of blogging is the next step as you familiarize yourself with the technology of blogging, the craft of blogging and the art of building an audience.

Problogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income offers a great book as well as an active website that teaches the basics of blogging. Problogger will teach you how to select the subjects that works for you, how to evaluate and direct your blog’s success, how to keep content fresh and exciting, and how to develop income sources from your blog. Order “Problogger’s Secrets” now.

Step 5: Tricking Out Your Blog

OIOPublisher plugin – This plugin offers you a realistic and very manageable way to earn your own money from your blog. It allows you to sell all manner of advertising on your blog, and keep 100% of the income for yourself. It’s got a Paypal Module, a Tracker Module, an in-built Ad Manager Module, and much more. Order “OIO Publisher Plugin” now.

Step 6: Monetizing Your Blog

Text Link Ads is one of my favorite ad networks. They help me make money online by selling those text links you see under “Featured Sites.” The links offer advertisers traffic and search engine benefits and readers don’t seem to mind them at all because they are not intrusive. Your ad price is set by Text Link Ads and is based on Alexa, Google PageRank, number of RSS subscribers, and other factors. Join “Text Link Ads” now.

Linkworth offers a wide variety of advertising options for earning revenue on your blog or website. It’s well worth looking at their offerings, though it may take a while for your first advertiser to bite. Text ads, link-type ads, etc.. It’s not an easy option to begin but will provide a great number of alternatives in your advertising choices. Join “LinkWorth” now.

I’ll be adding more on the Make Money page as it evolves. I hope you find the tools interesting and valuable.