Tools: Automate YOUR Technorati Faving!

This tool was broken for a while, but now it’s operational again! I just faved everyone who faved me! Thanks, guys! Make sure you grab the copy with the May 31st ending on it. Earlier copies just don’t work anymore!

(Ed. this post has been moved as it’s quite useful!)

There are a lot of helpful tools out there on the Internet for your blog, but once in a while comes a tool that helps with the promotion of your blog, it’s free, it’s useful and it’s simple to use! Technorati Fave Tool allows you to login via its simple interface. It will find all your blogs registered on Technorati, and all the people who favorited you. Then it will return the ‘fave-r’, if you will! That’s a nice tool. It worked well the second time, because I thought it had crashed, but it turns out the warning is right: it’s slow. I guess it may be even slower if your favorites are already counted in the hundreds!

To try it out, go to and download the zip file. Extract it. Run it. You can also find full instructions here. For your infotainment, I’ve included the jpeg of the file below. Wonder if John Chow knows about this tool!