Three Stats Plugins: SlimStat, TD WordCount and Stats Plugin

An interesting alternative to some of the stats packages I’ve been using. Give it the once over then decide if you like it! SlimStat — A simple web stats analyser based on ShortStat.

If you would rather try another package, here are two that I like:

1.  TD Word Count for counting words in your posts! It says I have 12 words in this post! I should refresh! Very useful, slightly odd first set up, but operates smoothly after that!

2. Stats Plugin which claims to track views, post/page views, referrers, and clicks. It requires a API key and a Account (both free)

3. WP Stats which I no longer use, and can’t find the link either!

Bonus Section!

4. Google Analytics works well, but is not a plugin, and requires a Google Account.

5. MyBloglog but fairly useless! #4 works better than that!

Of course, if you are self-hosted, you likely have access to your own logs and perhaps even your hosting company can provide software for analyzing traffic.

There are many options out there, but there seems at the moment little point in some of the for pay services as the good ones are either free or already paid for by your hosting plan.