The OS X Virtualization Weekend

I’ve been following this company since I first heard about its software. Naturally curious to read about the possibilities of running other systems inside a primary system. It’s a good way for me to keep alive some of the systems I like to use, such as Works 4.5 ( a nice piece of software, BTW), unlike its younger cousins.

GigaOM » The OS X Virtualization Weekend. I’ve highlighted several aspects that are worth noting!

It is Virtualization Sunday on Planet Apple. Thanks to a brand new beta of Parallels, …. We were suitably impressed by a new “Coherence” feature which allows Windows Applications to float on the OS X desktop, with Windows XP hidden in the background. It gives an illusion of Windows apps running natively on the Mac.

Now this is interesting reading. It’s looking like something that M$ would do…

Apple, we suspect is going to let the market evolve, and let these other companies seed and nurture the market. And when time is right, it is going to unleash its own version of virtualization software. Hey they have6 done7 this in the past. But if the future unfolds as some think it will8, this virtualization technology is going to be pretty key. We are happy to simply enjoy the fruits of labor of the wonderful folks at Parallels.

Interesting, eh?