the NewsRoom: myRevenue – it’s active now!

I recently signed up with theNewsRoom to earn a little dosh, and to provide a little relevant news via the video that they have on the website. In fact, I’ve placed a couple of stories, already.

However, at the time I wrote the story, there was no monetization system in place. Just yesterday, I received this good news!

myRevenue Is Here!

We know many of you hamyRevenueve been waiting for this moment. myRevenue is here! Now you will be able to keep track of your earnings. After logging in to TheNewsRoom click the myRevenue tab in the left hand column. This will take you to the myRevenue section which shows you up to date earnings information. Keep checking back to this space because PayPal as well as other updates will be available soon.

As you can see from the jpeg below, it’s really working. I’ve earned the grand total of 1c. I’m now making plans on how to spend that money, but it’s quite difficult! (Woops! That’s not my jpeg! But it will do.)

myrevenue graph 2

You can earn money in four ways, both directly and indirectly. But it’s the referrals that should interest us as the power to generate additional revenue begs comparison with Agloco and some of the other multi-level schemes. I don’t know of anyone who’s been paid, yet.

But this stream of revenue could be quite lucrative when combined with Adsense and Paid posts. So for certain kinds of blogs, it would be well worth adding some of the videos! Well worth considering, and I’m sure anybody can do better than my 1c.