The final straw: tired of Adsense Ads

I’m tired of seeing adsense ads like this one… from TruthAboutAbs. Why? Because not only do I not care about Abs, I don’t know where they are (are they fitted in my car under the seat or under the steering wheel?)… I see the ads on the most inappropriate websites next to the most inappropriate stories.

So today I complained to Google. If I don’t see an improvement in ads, I will just simply block all Adsense Ads when I’m browsing. I’ll be using a simple blocking program to do that on Firefox called AdBlock plus. I don’t support ad blocking in general, but when I find the ads distasteful and inappropriate… Google leaves me little other choice. I did try to reset the cookie preferences but it made almost no difference. I’m still seeing the ads.

Google, isn’t it time you set an ad optout form on each ad so users can click which ads they NEVER want to see again?

Some samples:

distasetful ads  and distastetful ads 2

and the worst offender, in my opinion….

distasteful ads 3

This really annoys me … does it bother you? As someone who is over weight, it’s not helpful to get these kind of images reminding me of the fact! Nor is it helpful to have that candybar wrapper on my desk from last night… (thanks, Rittersport!).