Technorati: A failing grade? Likely…

Technorati is a major achievement, with tremendous potential. At the same time, it is seriously flawed, simply because their support really does NOT work. Perhaps the demand is too heavy from people using their service, however that does NOT help me.

I have tried on more than 10 occasions to ‘claim my blog,’ but to my eternal frustration, I can’t. I keep getting the message:

There was a problem claiming your blog. Please try again in a few minutes. You can also go to Technorati Help for help claiming your blog.

I tried emailing Technorati for help on this. I think I know what was causing this. I claimed the blog last time, and then deleted my blog. Technorati doesn’t let you do reclaim your blog. I have no idea why. I searched for answers on the net, too. One clue to the problem of claiming a blog I found here.

I don’t know if it’s much comfort to others, but still at least it helps to understand what may be going on.

update #1.
OK. Two things happened. One. I sent an email but got back the standard reply from Technorati. Nothing new there.

And I managed to get my find recognized by Technorati finally. But it is a fudge. I had to add my blog by adding the page: Strangely, it worked. And the feed worked. So now many of Technorati readers will go to that page first. Also, now I have TWO technorati rankings. Don’t know about that one.

update #2.
I got a nice letter from customer support, a Tonette Wong, in fact: she corrected my blog’s entry. Suddenly I found that my Technorati ranking was much higher than ever. You can check the ranking on the right column. So that’s good. My first request must have got lost, but the second one worked. Cool!

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