Technology Enables and Disables at the same time!

Technology is kind of like a drug at times, as a user or patient, your use of technology empowers you to do new things: to create a blog and update it easily and quickly without so much as a second thought!

But when it goes wrong, it really disables you! You can no longer do anything that you could do with ease! Your frustration mounts! You want to throw things at the problem!

In the past week, I’ve faced three technology problems, only one of which I was capable of fixing: 1. DNS problems at my hosting company; 2. another internet cable under the sea has limited browsing, download and upload speeds; and 3. my D-Link wireless router DI-524 (by reputation, one of the crappiest wireless routers on the market, see my review and Amazon’s reviews, too!) made by a company that USED TO turn out good products! I have to get up and reset the box every 10, 20 or 40 minutes… As a result, I’ve lost postings (2 today already), patience and my temper! (oh, and slapping the box really hard does NOT make it work better!)

In fairness, the third problem is something I could fix, but I want to go back to a regular cable, just can’t squeeze it in to my room, without my wife’s strenuous (and justified) objections to another cable in her living room!

Mmm… Should do something about that!