Purchasing Domains: Yahoo! Domains for Small Business

Dont’ use Yahoo! Domains, or you could find yourself paying nearly $35 bucks a year for the domain once the term is up! I was about to register a domain for this blog, and noticed the text on the frontpage which says: “$9.95/year for your first term (terms available 1-5 years) $34.95/year after.”

yahoo domains

In the agreed number of years for your term, you will only pay the $9.95 for your domain for that year. After the initial term expires, you will be required to fork out nearly $35 for the domain thereafter. This is a deal that just doesn’t make much sense: many hosting companies charge $15, $10 or even less for standard domains, so why would you?

So, I guess I’ll be using GoDaddy or NameCheap for my next domain purchases, it’s a pity Yahoo! Such tactics are very mercantile, and don’t make for good customer feedback! Who do you use for purchasing your domains?