Quotation: 300-point rallies in the Dow happen in bear markets

We’re in a very confusing atmosphere. People didn’t really know what to make of a 300-point rally in the Dow the other day, but my main message was that 300-point rallies from the Dow don’t happen in bull markets.

In fact, they never happened in the bull market from October ’02 to October ’07, but it has happened 6 times in this bear market and happened 12 times in the last bear market.

You don’t get moves like that in bull markets. As Rich Bernstein has said time and again, “This is the hallmark of a recession and a hallmark of a bear market.”

David A. Rosenberg, Conference Call Notes, published under the title “The Elusive Bottom” at InvestorInSight, August 2008.

Name Your Price: Webhosting for those without deep pockets

Well, I never heard of a ‘Name Your Price’ Web hosting. So I decided to try it out and see what the buzz was about. I went to their webpage where they had a “Name Your Price” form, filled it out and sent it off. I decided to go for a quotation rather than offer them something, and see if they would take it. Still waiting for the email. Will add their quotation below.

Allowing your customers to decide how many services you needed for yourself, instead of letting a company decide, and offer different packages based on what they think the ‘average’ customer might need and how affordable it might be, is a neat idea!

Customers are in fact all different and require quite different elements to compose their website. I only have niggle: what if a customer’s needs change, eg. they suddenly need MySQL as they have now got a blog. Will that function be available?

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