Financial Blogs

I’ve been roaming the internet, and discovered that a lot of people are currently using the Internet to help them cure their financial woes, find encouragement and solace, and help plan their financial lives. It’s a really interesting phenomenon that people who would never even tell their best friend how much they make, are now splurging on the Internet the real situation.

I do believe that this will be very empowering. Too often, we are not “permitted” by others to discuss our pay packages, our benefits, (even Google has a stupid clause that precludes discussion of their adsense TOS), our financial situation, our personal financial mistakes, our successes, and whatnot.

I think that the way things are is very unhealthy. We should, have to, be able to discuss these as freely as some people seem to enjoy discussing their sex lives. It will help shift the clouds that surround financial wisdom, dispel the ignorance endorsed by our financial institutions (think credit cards, mortgages, etc..) and engender people to take responsibility for their own finances and the decisions that they make.

We are all responsible for our own financial situation, no matter how good or bad it is. We are all victims of our own choices in these matters.

We all need to realize that we can take back this power, this right, this obligation, whenever we need to.