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Understand How To Choose Your Dividend Stock Picks Wisely

What Type Of Companies Pay Dividends? To find good dividend stock picks, look for a long, solid history of the company. When you look for things like this, you are doing a type of research called fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis is basically the study of a company’s fundamentals. The other type of stock search is called technical analysis.… Read More »

July ’08 Credit Card Spending Post

After our little trip this week, we got back to a pile of email and bills all that required attention. This included the regular credit card bill from our bank. Well, it’s good news/bad news time! The good news I didn’t pay any additional charges on my card apart from the statements as my card was paid off… Read More »

drip, drip, drip – wealth accumulation is silent!

Drip, drip, drip! Is that the sound of rainwater dripping from the guttering? Or is that the sound of your wealth dripping gradually into your account? We’ve owned a number of different assets and asset classes over the last fifteen year: property, a business, stocks, mutual funds, bonds, bank accounts, etc.. and each of them has prospered over… Read More »

Late Fees: Have you eliminated them all?

It’s not often that I deal with mundane financial stuff these days, but I was reminded yesterday that this is something a fairly disorganized person like myself needs constant practice at. You see, I received a small bill from the water utility company for about US$20 or so. It was such bad timing that I simply filed it… Read More »

Refinancing Your Home: Keep your head on!

I have a mortgage refinance story to share with you guys. One that involves a certain levelheadedness to show that refinancing CAN work, but you have to be cautious. We lived in an area where we had purchased property about 7 years ago. Prices were in the toilet at the time, but soon they they went further down,… Read More »