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Peachtree: Free from Dealdigg

This is a great deal from dealigg! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it in the Freebies Section. I don’t know how long it will be there for, so you need to snap it up right away! The only catch is that you need to apply for a rebate, but still… What can I say!? ‘Cept that… Read More »

Blogitive: Better or not? That is the question

I recently joined Blogitive for posting stuff, I am test driving it right now. I reviewed ReviewME earlier and PPP. I’m finding that Blogitive comes somewhere between the two. Fewer chances to write something than PPP, but more than ReviewMe. Less money than PPP on average, but more opportunities than ReviewME. I don’t know how things will turn… Read More »


I just signed up for Text Link Ads! My Blog has been accepted. it seems to be pretty much a a painless project to do this. I was confused by the number of choices I could have. So I just went plain vanilla. The process is simple 1. Sign up 2. Activate via an email 3. Log in… Read More »

Blogging: The Good, The Bad… Redux

Here was my original reply. I wrote it on the boards, but never posted it. Well, thanks a lot.:mad: :confused: You ask for advice on your blog. Then you are rude to the people who give it to you, make assumptions about ‘what kind of people we are and our political views,’ and scold us. Several of us… Read More »

Blogging: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…

I recently took part in a discussion of a guy’s blog. He asked for advice, and I took a dislike to his tone in his discussion of his problems. People offered help and he rejected it, so then I pitched in with my “Help!” as below. Originally Posted by KevinG I got a lot of comments by email… Read More »

Adwords or Sempo? Adwords or Sempo? What should it be?

Apogee Search Engine Marketing has a noteworthy blog here. The blog covers a wide range of SEO topics that InvestorBloggers might love, such as Tools, SEO, Marketing, etc. It’s well worth checking out and adding this blog to your RSS feeds. Now that they have joined the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) as well as being accepted… Read More »

Coupons – Purchase and Save!

Coupons are a great way to save your cash, really. If you are out to equip your home office, you can try DELL Coupons, Staples Coupon Codes, or Overstock for great deals. For many items, especially items that you would use regularly, you can check out the codes here and save the money for other uses. If you… Read More »

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