Patience, Please. Site upgrading taking place.

I’m upgrading the website over the next 48 hours or so. There will be the occasional hiccup as these things are never easy. Since I’m planning an expansion of the coverage that you can read here, it’s necessary to upgrade the software running the website.

  • Step 1: I’ll be moving the entire blog (as you see here) to a new / location;
  • Step 2: I’ll be installing WordPress again on this page (WordPress MU) which will be used to run the blog in future as well as the additional material.
  • Step 3: Then over the next few weeks, I’ll be dividing the main blog into four sub-blogs to better target my readers: each blog will be launched when it’s ready.

Posting will continue in the meantime but occasionally you might see a different website or experience site troubles. This is localized, short-term and (hopefully) expected! Once the move is confirmed as permanent, then I’ll start working on the new blog appearance and content.

  • Personal Finance: since I do so many posts on this issue, I feel it’s about time to break out this category as a separate sub-blog. Posts will include credit card, financing, finance, personal money stories, etc.
  • Blogging: This covers the tools, blogging stories and other features that you’ve come to expect, as well as my continuing series on getting started blogging.
  • Investing: I’ll be covering more investing stories as well as I seek contributions from outside. As many of you have read, I’ll be focusing on developing my own investment style, talking about investing news, etc.
  • Gadgets: I’ll be covering more of the tech, websites, gadgets and other juicy items you’ve seen here already: UMPC market, cameras, software, top websites, etc.

Why am I doing this? Because after blogging for two years on these and related topics, I’m finding that I am not gaining much traction on my readership. This is largely due to my sometimes uneven style of writing. As a result, I’ll be aiming to describe much more clealry circles of interest, SEO the articles and posts much better, and draw more readers. Marketing more clearly defined blogs than I currently have should make it easier to draw new readership, build communities, and foster better interaction (from posting to commenting).

For the most part, the transition will be fairly invisible but for you, my current (and much appreciated) readers, there won’t be much difference: when you come to find your favorite posts, they’ll still be there; when you come to the main page, you’ll still see what you see now; all posts will be searchable, in the sitemaps, etc.; but, perhaps the only difference will be that there will be some changes to the feeds. For that, I will have to learn how to use Yahoo! Pipes to construct a ‘super’ feed or you will be able to subscribe to each sub-feed.

Please comment me any problems you experience of reach me via the feedback form or via email at investorblogger_at_gmail_dot_com.