Update #1: Adding two new feeds for Top 20, updating others

It’s time for the second revision to the feeds. There’s really not much too this.

Graduates: GeniusTypes and AndyBeard

GeniusTypes: It’s been great having his blog on our recommended feeds list, but GeniusType’s author is now busy pursuing his movie making career. Still there are some wonderful posts on his blog, including Candy Machines: How to get started.

AndyBeard’s Blog is also a great blog for information on SEO and Affiliate Marketing stuff. Unfortunately, he’s been quite busy, too, and hasn’t updated in nearly 2 months.

Updates: InvestorBlogger and AdesBlog

InvestorBlogger and AdesBlog feeds have both been updated. In fact, I’ve had trouble with Ades feed on several occasions. Still I think it’s fixed now.

New Enrolments: EMonetized and MyMoneyBlog

EMonetized Blog focuses on affiliate marketing, blogging, and much more. He’s got a lot of great posts about this and I’ll hopefully be featuring much more on his blog.

MyMoneyBlog has been blogging since late 2004 (almost before InvestorBlogger started!) with a lot of great financial posts related to savings, earning money, and personal financial issues.

To download the latest release, click on this link.

Vote for your top money making feeds! Vote NOW

Yesterday, I published perhaps my first download in recent years. It was an OPML file of my favorite twelve feeds about making money online. It’s been causing something of a stir on one of my favorite message boards.

In fact, you can still download the file here, and if you need more information, just click on the full post….

One kind poster suggested 19 more additions to the list, which you can find on the message board linked above. I’ve already removed the duplicate entries, and selected five more prominent blogs to be added to the OPML file.

To Vote


You can see the poll on the right-hand side of the blog, and there are ten or eleven entries. You can also add more entries as you wish. I’ll be adding the top three slots if they have a high enough number of votes. So, vote away for your favorite money-making blog feeds. And check back in a week’s time for the updated download! Then I’ll be updating the OPML file download, once the poll closes in 7 days.