Profile: Ron Sim – Chairman of OSIM International Ltd

You can see them everywhere… They look scary… But they are popular and expensive. What are they?

osim charis

Massage Chairs of course. This ad is running on Taiwan’s site advertising a chair for Mother’s Day, though it is quite pricey. Since this video is not available on YouTube, I find the video is a little choppy. You can watch a three-minute interview with the chairman of Osim, Ron Sim who worked his way up from selling noodles on the street to a company with nearly $400 million dollars in annual revenue which sells healthy-lifestyle products all over the world.

“Sim is my surname, and the O is actually the globe.” — Ron Sim

I can’t embed the video, but it’s worth watching.

osim chairman video

For more about the company, read the brief introduction on CNN. And there’s an excellent article on StoneForest that describes his success story, his origins and challenges. His motivation to succeed transcends hunger, failure, hard circumstances, and much more!