Getting Started in Publishing: DIY is the way to go!

For those of you enticed into the world of Marketing/selling teaching materials: self-publishing, I was very intrigued with the posting and the poster, because of his unusual methods for getting started. Instead of writing a book and contacting a publisher, and hoping that the publisher might even read his book, this author turned the tables on the publishing industry by writing up a book from material he already had, refining it, and selling hundreds of copies to his students!

The fact that he could sell to a steady market meant that he was able to demonstrate a marketable product that publishers could resell! They didn’t have to worry about if the product was marketable, it already was! Check out Rambling Rube’s post for that information. In fact, the whole thread is an interesting discussion, albeit focused on ESL, but the principles are absolutely correct.

Comments on publishing? What have you published?